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If you are in need of a new set of eyeglasses, and you live in the Urbandale or West Des Moines area, the first step in obtaining proper vision correction is to make an appointment at Advanced Eyecare Center PC to meet with our eye doctor. Our vision care facility handles the examination process as well as offering eyeglasses, contact lenses, and designer frames. Here is some information about what you can expect during a session with our optometrist.

Necessary Information Is Collected and Discussed

Before an examination is conducted, our practitioner will have you fill out paperwork pertaining to your eye health and vision at the moment. Make sure to indicate in the documentation if you are suffering from any type of vision problem so our optometrist can address it during your examination. If you have vision insurance, bring along your identification card and provide it to one of our staff members at the time of your appointment.

Your Eyes are Checked for Medical Troubles

Your eyes will be looked at in detail to check for abnormalities. You will be instructed to perform a series of optical tests. Each of these is relatively quick and noninvasive. Our optometrist will discuss treatment options with you if a medical condition of the eyes is found at the time of your examination

The Proper Prescription Strength is Determined

After your eyes are checked over for health issues, our optometrist will have you read numbers and letters from a chart. Different glass strengths are positioned in front of your eyes to help sharpen the images you are viewing. Our optometrist will use your discretion regarding whether a specific pane makes the printed information easier or harder to read. This procedure is done until you are able to read the information without difficulty.

Selection of Eyeglasses Frames and Features is Conducted

When your prescription strength has been determined, our staff members will help you with the selection of designer frames that suit your appearance. We offer a vast selection of frames in all styles, colors, shapes, and price ranges. Use your face shape to help with the selection process. Think about which of your features you wish to accentuate and which you would like to draw attention away from. Provide this information to our employees, and we will help you find the perfect frames for your desires. We offer a variety of glass options including scratch-resistant panes or transitional glass.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you are ready to purchase a new set of designer frames, and you are located in the West Des Moines or Urbandale area, contact Advanced Eyecare Center to make an appointment with our optometrist. Reach out to our office today at Advanced Eyecare Center PC

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