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You only get one pair of eyes, and ideally you would like to entrust their care to a single trusted primary care provider serving Urbandale and West Des Moines. Advanced Eyecare Center can be that provider. Under the supervision of our experienced optometrist, Dr. Wilson, we're proud to offer the following services and techniques for every member of your family.

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Eye Exam Services

Nothing beats a regular comprehensive eye exam for helping you keep your eyes in top shape from year to year. Our eye and vision exams check every aspect of your eyesight and ocular health, catching any troubling issues that might require care so they can receive the earliest possible treatment.

Contact Lens Exams

While an eye and vision exam can tell us what kind of prescription for eyeglasses you might need, we need to take the extra step of scheduling a contact lens exam if you're interested in contacts. This exam helps us fit your contacts with great precision. They also guide us toward recommending the right kind of contact lenses to suit your health, lifestyle and prescription.

Biophotonic Scanning

Biophotonic scanning is an advanced technology for measuring your levels of specific antioxidants called carotenoids. Low levels of carotenoids indicate a higher risk for macular degeneration, an age-related eye disease that can rob you of much of your vision.

Sports Vision

If success in your chosen sport depends on superb visual response times and performance, we can run advanced testing techniques to catch even the tiniest deviations in your vision skills. We can then recommend eye exercises, specialized eyewear, and other strategies to give you the extra edge you're looking for.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is an irritating problem in which your eyes aren't properly protected by a nourishing, hydrating tear film. Our optometrist can discover the underlying cause of your problem and prescribe a dry eye treatment plan to help you control it.

Computer Vision Treatment

Computer vision syndrome, a form digital eye strain, can cause dry eye, headaches, and other discomforts. Our eye doctor can advise you on remedies ranging from workspace changes to computer specific lenses for your glasses.

LASIK Co-Management

LASIK can change your life by eliminating your need or glasses or contacts and the right LASIK co-management makes all the difference. Our optometrist can provide pre-operative and post-operative support for your LASIK surgery.

Looking for an Eye Doctor in Urbandale or West Des Moines?

With this many services under one roof, your search for an eye doctor in Urbandale and West Des Moines is over. Call Advanced Eyecare Center today at (515) 727-6340!


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