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Eyelash extensions are a great way to add volume to your natural lashes and draw attention to your eyes. Lash extensions are an investment, both in cost and care, and they require maintenance. Taking care of your eye health and your natural lashes will allow you to wear eyelash extensions for a long time. You can learn how to prevent poor eyelash extension hygiene. 


Benefits of Eyelash Extension Care

Taking good care of your eyelash extensions helps keep eyelashes clean, prevents eye infections, and keeps them looking good for longer. This will help you save money, as you will not need to replace the extensions often. 

Be careful, and avoid using oil-based products near or on the lashes. The skin secretes an oily or fatty substance known as sebum, which is bad for eyelash extensions. It can cause them to fall off prematurely, so you should clean your face carefully to remove sebum. 


Eyelash Extension Maintenance 

There are several things you can do to maintain your eyelash extensions. Avoid getting the extensions wet for the first 48 hours. It means that you should avoid showering or washing your eyes for that period. Getting the extensions wet can cause the glue or bond to break or become brittle.

After 48 hours, wash the lashes regularly to prevent buildup that can lead to infections. Allow clean water to run down over your eyes as you shower. Clean the extensions every three days using distilled water or a special lash extension cleanser. 


Brushing the Eyelash Extensions 

Failing to clean and brush the eyelashes can cause them to become dirty, stuck, and tangled. Use a soft-bristled brush on the eyelash extensions, and brush them every morning to keep the lash tips looking good. Use your finger to support the lashes as you brush them as an alternative to eyelash curlers which can damage the extensions. 


A Good Eyelash Cleanser 

Some cleaners are not compatible with lash extensions, so you need to invest in a cleanser created for eyelash extensions. The product must not contain glycols, oil, and alcohol, and must have the right PH balance. 

A good cleanser should be soft and non-irritating and be effective for removing dirt, oil, dust, residues, and bacteria. During the lash extension application, ask the eyelash technician to recommend the best product.  


Using Eye/Facial Products 

Make sure that you use the right products on your lash extensions. If you wear lash extensions, choose makeup removers and eye creams carefully. Avoid using mascara on the eyelash extensions because it can cause the extension glue to soften.

If you must use eyeliner, choose a non-waterproof, water-based product. Avoid using powdery eyeshadow that can stick in the glue, leading to buildup. Remove eye makeup gently and avoid rubbing your eyes when wet since this can damage the extensions and the natural lashes. 

It may take some time to get used to the extension, but you must refrain from picking at them. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, as this could crush the lashes. Eyelash extensions often last between three and four weeks. With proper care, they can last up to eight weeks. For best results, make sure to take the lashes to a professional. 

For more on how to prevent poor eyelash extension hygiene, visit Advanced Eyecare Center PC at our office in Urbandale, Iowa. You can call 515-303-4488​​​​​​​ today to schedule an appointment.

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