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Summer is the ideal time to enjoy warm weather, go on vacations, and have fun events. But amid all these, don’t forget to avoid the eye problems that go with the season. Heatwaves and other outdoor conditions can harm your eyes. Below are the common eye problems that can affect your eyes during summer.




Most individuals assume that springtime is the only time one can get eye allergies. However, you can also get them during summer due to the mold types, seeds, and plant pollens common during the warm season.


Eye allergies can cause much discomfort. You are likely to experience dryness, itching, and burning. Ideally, you avoid such reactions by minimizing your exposure. Wear sunglasses when you step outdoors and change your clothes and wash your face when you get back indoors. 


You can also treat your symptoms by using over-the-counter prescription treatments for allergies. Doing so can help you get relief. 


Dry Eyes


Air conditioning and fans for summer use can increase your risk of getting dry eyes. If the climate you live in is arid, the lack of humidity heightens your chances of your eyes drying.


Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable. You are likely to experience a stinging or gritty sensation, sensitivity to light, and eye redness. Ideally, you keep your eyes lubricated all summer using lubricating eye drops and keeping yourself hydrated. Drinking water will help you, and the eye drops will give immediate relief.




You can get infections by swimming in lakes filled with bacteria. Public swimming pools that have no adequate treatment can also harm your eyes. 


You can reduce your risk of getting eye infections by wearing goggles when you swim during the summer season. Additionally, rinse your body and face after swimming to remove any contaminants.




Stye in one or both of your eyelids can happen due to bacterial infection in summer. You are likely to get additional symptoms such as eye redness and pain. The condition is common in children during the summer season as they play outdoors. 


It is important to avoid rubbing or touching your eyes. The constant rubbing of the eyes to ease the discomfort worsens the condition.


Corneal Burns


Most people focus on buying sunscreen to protect their skin from sunburn during summer. However, you can also get corneal burns from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. You can get symptoms like dryness, gritty sensation in your eye, and blurry vision.


Protect your eyes during summer by wearing 99 to 100 percent UV-protection sunglasses. Avoid stepping outdoors without protecting your eyes.


Tired Eyes


You are likely to experience tired eyes if you have a busy summer. Most people do not sleep for as long as they should per night during this season. As a result, your eyes can remain tired and irritated.


You can help your eyes by taking a break and getting enough rest and sleep. Ideally, reduce your screen time to avoid straining your eye muscles. 


For more about common summer eye problems, call Advanced Eyecare Center PC at 515-303-4488 to reach our office in Urbandale, Iowa.

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